Friday Night Sketch Group

 Our Friday Night Sketch Group is held every Friday evening from 6pm to 9pm at the GAIF. It is run by our energetic and talented instructor, Dan Roth and is open to artists aged 17 to 25. Many of our current and past students attend along with individuals from outside the school community. Activities include sketch games, the latest board games ( Munchkin and the like), video games (new releases and old standards), watching old animated movies or just hanging out.  So if you are looking for others that share your passion for drawing and/or playing video games stop by the GAIF any Friday evening, newcomers are always welcome!


   Artwork in the poster includes work from three of our very talented former students: Kara Brauen, Sabetha O’Brien and Ben Wilson. We thank them for allowing us to use their artwork.

Welcome to the Gaming and Animation Institute of Fredericton

The Gaming and Animation Institute of Fredericton offers two 60 week programs in gaming and animation. Our 2D program is for students interested in traditional animation and drawing. 2D animation is used in games developed for Flash and animated cartoons like Family Guy. Our 3D program is for students interested in developing their 3D modeling skills. 3D animation is used in games like Halo and animated movies such as Shrek.

At the end of each program student portfolios are evaluated by eMentors, who are local and international industry professionals with leading game and animation companies such as Gogii Games, Telos, Autodesk, and Pixel Liberation Front. The technical and artistic critiques from these eMentors provide valuable feedback from the real world of animation.

Our eMentors also help our students build their professional networks which assists with the job search after graduation. Some of our eMentors teach Saturday workshops at the GAIF. Because our class sizes are small, the eMentor can interact with the students on a one to one basis and get to know their work.

Here at the GAIF, our staff  are working together towards common goals with our students – being well trained and finding employment after graduation. We take gaming and animation seriously!

2D Gaming and Animation Program

3D Gaming and Animation Program


New Location

Our new space is conveniently located next door to our old one, so it is easy to find us. Our new address is 348 King St. Suite 203. This new space is larger, brighter, and newly renovated. This new facility is just the latest example of how GAIF focuses on the student experience first and foremost. Our new space is designed for creativity!


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The Gaming and Animation Institute of Fredericton is registered under the Private Occupational Training Act (POTA) of New Brunswick. Click here to find out what that means. Click here to download the POTA pamphlet.